Hi! I’m TyAnn, your success guide & strength guru.


nice to meet you!


I’m Ty Osborn, your trusty strengths guide. I’m a Maximizer with a heavy dose of Significance, Learner, Communication, and Futuristic thrown in. I love chicken fried steak with gravy, the concept of minimalism, and making the world a better place through strengths. When I’m not traveling the globe spreading the strengths gospel like some sort of Johnny Appleseed, you can find me riding horses and tending to chickens on my ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.


 does this sound familiar?

  • You’re a talented leader but want to take your team from good to great. In spite of your best attempts your team isn’t quite there yet.

  • You’re a strengths evangelist and want to share the good news with your team in a tangible way that generates excitement and lasts beyond the offsite. Activities so far haven’t been very sticky. How do you actually use this strengths stuff?

  • You’ve been successful and have risen up the ranks, but aren’t quite sure if you’ve really tapped your full potential.

  • You’re still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

  • You’ve received feedback you need to expand your influencing skills, polish up some rough edges, repair some relationships, or gain executive presence.


I hear you, and I’ve been you.

And I’m here to tell you work can be great. You can use your super powers daily to feel strong and be a great leader.

As a Gallup certified Strengths coach and trainer, I work with corporate executive decision makers who are ready for positive change. Are you ready to get unstuck and bring some enjoyment back to your life?

Together we build a bridge toward understanding, appreciation, engagement, and inspiration so you and your teams can:

  • Discover your strengths

  • Identify where to spend your time for the best outcomes

  • EMPOWER the unique greatness in YOU!




Starting out in the world of management consulting, I’ve had amazing opportunities to work for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and live across the globe.

I quickly moved up the ladder. I drank the company Kool-Aid. I started leading “performance management” activities, which sadly became a euphemism for “let’s justify why we are firing that guy”.  The next thing I knew I became really good at terminating people.

One Saturday in the grocery store, I recognized a man and his family. But I couldn’t remember his name no matter how much I tried. I’m usually really good with names. He came to a stop and said, “Hi Ty. Remember me”? I tried to play it cool, but the look on my face must have given me away. He said, “My name is Brian and you fired me two weeks ago”.

It was such an awful moment for all of us. Here he was with his wife and kids. Unemployed. Trying to buy groceries. I couldn’t remember him and yet I’m the one who pulled the rug out from under him. I had fired so many people I couldn’t even remember their names. It broke my heart to think my #1 work skill had become letting people go.

This was my epiphany moment.

  • I wanted to do work that was positive.

  • Work that would make people feel good about themselves.

  • Work that would make people want to get out of bed and serve others.

  • Work that would put a smile on people’s faces.

  • I wanted to be remembered for how I helped people.


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou


Fast forward

In 2007, I read “Now Discover Your Strengths” by Don Clifton and Marcus Buckingham. It was a revelation and I truly felt like I found my calling. I wanted to be in a company that believed in employees, embraced their strengths, and actively worked to put the right people in the right spot on the right bus. After that book, I read everything I could find about the strengths movement and became one of the first people certified by Gallup as a Strengths coach and trainer in Texas. And I found a great tribe of like-minded Strengths coaches.



In 2012, I created my business focusing on helping others find & harness their superpowers!

Word has spread I am the go-to person for fun and powerful strengths workshops! I also serve as a trusted guide for solving employee challenges with a strengths-based approach that demonstrates grace and dignity.

I absolutely love what I do.

and I can help you love your life too!