engaging Workshops

2 hrs, 4 hrs or A full-day


on-site training

Work Smarter not harder® • working well with others®

Let’s find the program that’s right for you. Here are examples of strengths-based development programs in action:


The Big Bang event

  • Catalytic session

  • Perfect for a yearly, semi-annual, or quarterly offsite events

  • Fun team discovery of their Top 5 strengths

  • Fosters an appreciation of the strengths of their teammates

  • Great for teams up to 200 people

focus on leaders

  • Full 34 assessment of your leaders

  • In-depth individual coaching session with each leader

  • Collaborative deep dive Strengths-based Leadership workshop

  • Additional coaching session to deepen the learning

  • Focused action plan


strong managers

  • Extension of leadership program to all people managers

  • Each manager receives:

    • Full 34 assessment

    • Two coaching sessions

    • Strengths-based Leadership workshop

  • Coaching for additional skill building

  • Post 6 month continual email support to reinforce concepts

full org change

  • Best way to integrate strengths into the entire organization for meaningful change:

    • Each employee completes an assessment

    • Every people manager receives coaching

    • Entire team partakes in an impactful Strengths Discovery workshop

    • Additional Strengths-based Leadership workshop for people managers

    • Post 12 month continual email/webinar/phone support to reinforce concepts