The Best Summer Podcasts for Your Summer Road Trips

Summer is almost over, and vacation-mode is in full swing. With bustling and busy airports, road trips keep us moving without the hassle - especially in the summer. Whether your drive is a quick stop to the beach, or a long haul to a seaside hideaway, I’ve curated a list of the best summer podcasts to help that drive zoom by! The best part? I’ve included great Clifton Strengths Themes content from the informative “Called to Coach” Gallup podcast. These episodes dig deep. Highly recommended.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 4 Clifton Strengths Theme Thursday Episodes

Achiever Theme:

Ever wonder how you get things accomplished and use your powers of persuasion to make people really think? These podcasts are for you. Hosts Jim Collison and Maika Leibbrandt will help you understand your own gifts, while helping you to lead others. First up, is the Achiever theme, those people who are driven to get things done. Download by clicking here.

Activator Theme:

Activators want to get started—now. Which is why this timely podcast is so great. You’ll learn more about this trait and understand why Activators understand that deliverables are key. Download here.

Adaptability Theme:

You’re able to take on projects with little notice. Highly adaptable and able to manage curve balls unlike anyone else. Or maybe you know someone who works this way? The Adaptability theme episode is a must listen, and is especially illuminating as what it means to work through change. Listen here.  

Analytical Theme:
Analytical minds have a “show me” orientation. This type is often misunderstood. This episode helps one utilize their internal Analytical to ensure that their messages are delivered appropriately, while their need for results and proof are achieved. Download now.


Gas up and Get Going!

Other podcasts that I am listening to right now include: Freakonomics Radio, How I Build This, Inspired Energy, Lead Through Strengths, Lead To Win, and Learn Do Become. I’ll dig into those in future posts. These podcasts will get you motivated and help you dig deep into your strengths and productivity. With a few downloads and enough sunscreen, you’ll be prepared for anything this summer---including your road trips! Now, get out there, and get going 😊. Please do send me your podcast suggestions—I’d love to hear them!